Graduations from the laboratory:

Recent PhD and MSc theses from the laboratory:


PhD. Thesis. MSc Line S Reinert. Title: The role of TLR3 in genital Herpes simplex virus infection.

PhD. Thesis. MSc Søren B Jensen. Title: Innate immune recognition mechanisms: herpes simplex virus, an enveloped DNA virus.

PhD. Thesis. MSc Regina Gonzales Dosal. Title: Herpes simplex virus infection: Redox-regulation of innate immune signaling pathways.

PhD. Thesis. MSc Simon B Rasmussen. Title: Herpes simplex virus and autophagy: activation and role in innate immune responses.


MSc Thesis (Cand, Scient.) Marie Beck Iversen. Title: Mechanisms in the innate immune response against genital HSV-2 infection.

PhD. Thesis. MSc Sussi Sommer Mikkelsen. Title: Innate immune responses to viral infections: lesson from Sendai virus.


PhD Thesis. MD Nina Ank. Title: The role of interferon-lambda in host defense during herpes simplex virus infection.

PhD Thesis: MD. Louise Sørensen: Titel: Role of Toll-like receptor 2 and 9 in the immunological response to herpes simplex virus infection.

MSc Thesis. Søren Beck Jensen. Title: Virus-activated signaling pathways of the innate immune system. MSc thesis. Christoffer Nielsen. Title: Stimulation of signal transduction during HSV infection.